Henry Daniel
School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University

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T2: Telepresence, Co-Location and Simultaneity

The choreographic work T2 explores notions of co-location and simultaneity in dance using telepresence technology. This paper discusses how the work functions as an attempt to break up and redistribute the continuous flow of images audiences are accustomed to seeing onstage, the aim being to have the viewer reconsider not only what the dance means, but also how the images we are accustomed to become strange and even alien in these new settings.


Background as an actor with Derek Walcott's Trinidad Theatre Workshop and as a dancer with Astor Johnson's Repertory Dance Theatre of Trinidad and Tobago; soloist with the Josè Limón Dance Company of New York; dancer, choreographer, theatre and performance lecturer in Germany and the UK; Artistic Director of Full Performing Bodies, Henry Daniel is an Associate Professor of Dance and Performance Studies at SFU Contemporary Arts in Vancouver, Canada and lead researcher for Transnet. He attended the Boston Conservatory of Music and the Juilliard School in New York City as a dancer and has an MA in Dance Studies from City University The Laban Centre, London, and a Ph.D from the Bristol University Department of Drama: Theatre, Film, Television in the UK. His impressive track record on the international scene has led and continues to lead to advances in cultural knowledge by bringing to bear the perspectives and skills of the artist/scholar. Through his collaborations with researchers from the fields of science and engineering, he enables and contributes to technological innovation. His collaborations with software and equipment developers on devices Soundbeam are commercially developed and marketed by Elektrodome (Bristol, UK). Professors Ivan Bajic and Jie Liang (Engineering Science), and Professor Henry Daniel (Contemporary Arts), are recipients of a three-year Canada Council/NSERC New Media Initiative award (2007-2010) for their project - Video Coding and Processing for Improved Telepresence in the Performing Arts.

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