Willy Le Maitre
Independent artist

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Edia is a real-time narrated media presentation by Willy Le Maitre displayed in stereographic format.

Edia is an entity that distributes the self in a constellation of points around the globe. The points are personified by 'friends' in dialog. From it's perspective on the surface, Edia imagines and discusses what is inside and outside of it. The entity's interconnected points can fluidly scale to encompass vast dimensions in time and space. Edia's molecular constitution is bonded by audiovisual channels that are both it's memory and links to the possible in sequences of event. It's amalgamations of inter subjective perspective visualize reality as an artifact of communication.


Willy Le Maitre has created media art works since 1988. He has been oriented to video as a live form that has served as a pivot point in collaborations between himself, musicians, writers, and visual artists. Currently based in Toronto. His work has been presented, among other places, at The New Museum, the Kitchen, FIMA in Victoriaville Quebec., ICMC in Banff, Canada, and ISEA. His work has received numerous grants and awards including LIFE 3.0 competition for artificial life artworks in Madrid and The Telefilm Canada prize at the Images Festival of Independent Film, 2000, Toronto.

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