Catherine Richards
Associate Professor, University of Ottawa

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Exceedingly Slow

This presentation will discuss anaglyph experiments and art works undertaken in collaboration with Guy Godin of the National Research Council of Canada and in a rapid prototyping session at the Banff New Media Institute with Maria Lantin.


Catherine Richards is a visual artist working in old and new media art. Her work explores the volatile sense of ourselves as we are shifting our boundaries - a process in which new information technologies play a starring role. Her work explores the spectator's role in these technologies like "jam in the electro-magnetic sandwich." These works have used high voltage circuits, plasma gases, virtual reality immersive system, wearable passive electronic circuits and stereo as well as visual and proprioceptive illusions. They are interactive and performative.

She has exhibited in North America, Europe and at the Sydney Biennale. Her work has won awards such as the Canadian Council for the Arts, Media Arts Prize. They have been supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology among others. She has received National Gallery of Canada Fellowships as well the AIRes Fellowship, CCA/NRC. The most current writing on her work will be published Fall '09 - Sounding New Media, Immersion and embodiment in the Arts and Culture, by Francis Dyson, UC Press.

Currently she is Associate Professor in the Visual Arts Department at the University of Ottawa.

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