Jānis Garančs
Independent Digital Media Artist, Latvia

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Audiovisual surgery on space - examples of immersive art installations and performances

Garančs will explain several concepts and artistic metaphors that he used in series of works that share emphasized awareness of space. These works, in the opinion of the author, represent experimentation with various perception paradoxes occurring within immersive environments, exploring the extremes of audiovisual perception, and dimensions of artificial synaesthesia.

Mentioned will be interactive installations: Parallel Landscapes (2005-2008), HyperVeduta (2009), and Simulacrum Populi (2002-2009), that combine generative (realtime) computer graphics with stereoscopic photography and video (and if possible - show excerpts as stereoscopic projection).

Else he will demonstrate and describe the AV4D (2007-2009) - self-developed toolset - integration of software and hardware (like VRML/X3D browser, VJ software and hardware - cameras, video mixers and MIDI controllers) as interactive platform for immersive multimedia performances and 3D-Vj'ing.


Garančs (Jaanis Garancs) was born 1973 in Latvia (Lettonie) and works in areas of interactive multimedia installations and immersive audiovisual performance.

He received a BFA in Painting, from the Latvian Academy of Arts, Riga. He studied video and computer art at the Royal University of Fine Arts (KKH) in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2003 he received his MA Diploma in Audiovisual Media, from the Academy of Media Arts (KHM) in Cologne, Germany, focusing on immersive 3D environments.

His current artistic interest is in moving stereoscopic imagery and 3D/surround audio, designed for various contexts, including museum galleries as well as stage and live concerts. Thematically his work often addresses issues and concepts related to contemporary theoretical physics, communication and evolution theories. During 2006-2008 Garančs has been a researcher at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences (Germany), part of a research team of the consortium LIVE (funded by European Union) - developing interactive TV formats and production tools to stage Live Media Events in near future. Currently he continues his creative research and consulting for various projects, and also teaches at Liepaja University, Latvia.

Garančs' works has been shown in various international events including: Ars Electronica Festival (Linz, Austria); Transmediale (Berlin, Germany); DEAF (Rotterdam, the Netherlands); ISEA (Helsinki, Finland); IMCEXPO (Chelsea Art Museum, NYC); TECHNE'06 (Istanbul, Turkey); and venues as SAT (Montreal, Canada); Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris, France); Banff New Media Institute (Banff, Canada); ICA (London, UK); EXPO'2000 Hanover World Exhibition (German Pavilion); and RIXC (Riga, Latvia), and others.

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