In connection with IF09: Stereo's sub-thematics, we are hosting a variety of events that explore research practices within stereograhics, co-location, and sensory illusions.

Exhibitions include installations by key artists/presenters working within the thematic. Screening events present experimental stereographic media projects and 3D cinema. Performances include electroacoustic music, co-locative dance, and live stereographic visuals.

The IF09:Stereo opening night will be a reception and e-mixer with electroacoustic performances. A book launch will also introduce the up-coming IF11 thematic. And a closing party will feature a special performance of live stereographics and sound.

   Exhibitions Re/Sense #2 now in STEREO! TheWall Stereoscope Edia
   Screenings Chorus of Lungs CHAOS
   Performances Acoustic Illusions t2:Echo AV4D Etudes Denial Clinic
   Special events book launch closing party
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