Diana Burgoyne & Raewyn Turner
Re/Sense #2
2009, interactive audio-video installation

Nov 17-23, 2009
Venue: Abraham J. Rogatnick Media Gallery, Emily Carr University of Art & Design

3d model image by Nelson Rayner

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What is the colour green? Can we hear the colour green? Can we smell the colour green? Could we consider the landscape as a map of smell and sound? Our dialogue was initiated by our meeting and spending a short time together in New Plymouth, New Zealand, and by the discovery of our common interest in integrating cross-sensory experience into artwork. We began with Raewyn's research into the colour green. Green is a project about the feelings contained under our skins, analogous to the subterranean layers of the earth's green cloak. While walking the streets and forests of New Plymouth, Raewyn photographed numerous greens- plants, ground and objects. This digital photo collection was used to create a computerized colour palette, which was then made into a quick time video. Diana utilized a sensor that is sensitive to variations in the tone and intensity within the colour palette to create a responsive frequency generator. She attached her circuit sensor to the computer screen while it displayed the quick time video thereby creating sounds corresponding to the differing greens. The result is an audio/visual sketch of the colour green. We then walked the streets of Vancouver and areas of Banff photographing the colour green. Raewyn made a second quick time video of Canadian greens with the idea of projecting both videos on opposite walls, each with its own sensor and audio frequency generator. We then added smell to the installation as a cross-sensory indicator of information about physical states and environment.

Re/sense is a collaboration between Raewyn Turner(New Zealand) and Diana Burgoyne(Canada) and is a co-production with the Banff New Media Institute and with support from the Canada Council For the Arts (Media section).


Diana Burgoyne

Diana Burgoyne refers to herself as an electronic folk artist. Her performances and installations have been exhibited in Montreal, Toronto, New York, France, Holland, and Estonia. She was commissioned by Telus Science World to collaborate on a permanent piece which is exhibited as part of Contraption Corner. She has been the artist in residence at the Surrey Art Gallery's Tech Lab, participated in SCANZ in New Zealand and has just finished working on a work entitled "Audio Quilt" as artist in residence at the Roundhouse Community Centre. "Audio Quilt" is an interactive installation that reflects the sounds and voices of the Roundhouse community by utilizing one hundred audio chips, each recording 10 seconds of sound. She was awarded the 2009 Fleck Fellowship by the Banff Centre for the Arts and has taught a class entitled "Creative Electronics" at Emily Carr University of Art and Design since 1998.

Raewyn Turner

Raewyn Turner is an interdisciplinary artist/researcher, investigating cross-sensory perception and the uncharted territories of the senses. Her multi-sensory, mixed media works have been shown in numerous national and international exhibitions and performances, including Museum of Contemporary Art, LA, Parque de las Ciencias, Granada, Spain, 11th Prague Quadrennial of Scenography and Theatre Architecture 2007, Prumyslovy Palace, Prague, Argentina, Georges Pompidou Center, and Te Papa Museum of New Zealand. Her work includes video, smell, coloured light, artifacts, and live performance with orchestras, jazz and contemporary music and dance; it has been published in 'Art of the Biotech Era', International Congress Synaesthesia, Art and Science 2009, 2007,Generative Art 2006, 2004, Performance Research 'On Smell'. She will exhibit and present Re/sense in MuVi 2 at the 111 Congreso internatcional de Sinestesia, Ciencia y Arte.

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