Marten Berkman
Remote Sensibility: Binocular Sensing and Impermanence, Perpetuity

Friday, Nov 20, 8:00pm
Venue: Mocap, IDS

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Impermanence, Perpetuity is a meditation, and contemplation, on the land and our relationship with it. Simple representations of places and the passage of time, from remote and "wild" environments to the heart of our manufactured spaces, invite the viewer to contemplate our environment, immediately and remotely.

Do we have a memory of our ancient relationship with the land? What is our relationship with the remote landscapes which we impact but may never see? Are we conscious of the land inherent in every item we manufacture and use? How do we perceive the land from the vantage point of our manufactured spaces?

At the heart of this loop is an experimental short which explores how an artist views the land from the conditioning of our cultural world.

Remote Sensibility: Binocular Sensing is a recording from a stereoscopic webcam installation. Installed in a fjord just south of the Arctic Circle on Baffin Island in Canada's eastern arctic, the images were viewed in the artist's studio 3000 km away. Using off the shelf technology (standard resolution network surveillance cameras, surveillance software), a 3-d window was provided into a remote geography, mediated by the fluctuations of satellite communication and data streaming on the web. The installation lasted for one year.

The inspiration behind the installation is to explore technology as ecology, in dissolving the limitations of space in the perception of remote geographies.

A short stereoscopic film of Billy Atungat describing a hunting and fishing camp used by his ancestors in the same fjord will be included.


To reflect the many concurrent and often contradictory layers of meaning between industrial culture and the land, Marten explores the parameters offered by digital and network based media. His current research and production interests include: video art, stereoscopic video and photography, network based art installation, and responsive environments. He received a scholarship to the Optic Nerve residency at the Banff Center (2005), and his solo show Remote Sensibility incorporating new media exhibits at the Yukon Arts Center Gallery (2009).

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