Rubén Möller

Friday, Nov 20, 9:00pm
Venue: Mocap, IDS

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:the first of a triptych from CHAOS

:a simple backdrop of parchment paper sets the void of space. Wire branches grow from a malleable soup of molten metal to express a creation myth reflecting the chaotic experience of society, relationships and spirit.

CHAOS will be a series of short animations, each reflecting an aspect of the word. The definition of the term is often associated with 'disorder' when in fact the word refers to a higher level of 'order' to the universe.


Rubén Möller works as an independent animator in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He pursues film and digital productions to evolve his theory and practice of new media concepts. His varied experiences lead him to work in many areas of the industry from visual effects for feature film to post-production for children's television aside from an assortment of animations for award-winning documentaries.

His personal work pursues theological themes with a poetic resonance distinct from the entertainment world of animation. Along with the RUEbot, a motion-control rig he devised, he continues to pursue a blend of classical techniques using puppetry with the new tools permitted in the computer realm. The product of his effort displays a refined system of art and technology towards the goal of challenging realism within the fantasy of animation.

SHEOL - computer tabletop, 35mm 11 minutes - 2004
THETA - puppet animation, 16mm 12 minutes- 1995
ZOETROPOS - puppet animation, 16mm 19 minutes - 1990

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