Leonardo's Choice: Genetic Technologies and Animals
by Carol Gigliotti

Saturday, Nov 21 at 5:30
Venue: Mocap, IDS

This book launch is a celebration of a new publication, "Leonardo's Choice: Genetic Technologies and Animals" by renowned theorist and animal rights activist, Carol Gigliotti. The launch is also a prelude to IF11, planned to take place in 2011, which has as its thematic: animal consciousness, animal creativity and inter-species collaborations.

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"Leonardo's Choice: Genetic Technologies and Animals" is an edited collection of twelve essays and one dialogue focusing on the profound affect the use of animals in biotechnology is having on both humans and other species. Communicating crucial understandings of the integrated nature of the human and non-human world, these essays, unlike the majority of discussions of biotechnology, take seriously the impact of these technologies on animals themselves. This collection's central questions revolve around the disassociation Western ideas of creative freedom have from the impacts those ideas and practices have on the non-human world. This transdisciplinary collection includes perspectives from the disciplines of philosophy, cultural theory, art and literary theory, history and theory of science, environmental studies, law, landscape architecture, history, and geography. Included authors span three continents and four countries. Included essays contribute significantly to a growing scholarship surrounding "the question of the animal" emanating from philosophical, cultural and activist discourses. Its authors are at the forefront of the growing number of theorists and practitioners across the disciplines concerned with the impact of new ...
more on http://springer.com/978-90-481-2478-7

- Considers genetic technologies in light of a growing concern about our relationship with the natural world and specifically with animals
- Urgently critiques genetic technologies' impact on control or erasure of animal subjectivity
- Questions the inevitability of a biotechnological future and the rationales behind it
- Elicits the ethical and political viewpoints concerning public involvement
- Includes transdisciplinary perspectives and is intended for transdisciplinary audiences

2009. Approx. 290 p. Hardcover
- 99,95 €
- $139.00
- SFr. 166.00
- £ 90.00
ISBN 978-90-481-2478-7

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Dr. Carol Gigliotti a writer, educator, and artist, is an Associate Professor of Dynamic Media and Critical and Cultural Studies at Emily Carr University (ECU) in Vancouver, B.C., Canada where she teaches Environmental Ethics, Critical Animal Studies and Digital Interactive Media courses. She has been involved in new media since 1989 and has been writing about ethics and technologies for the last seventeen years.

Her edited book, Leonardo's Choice: Genetic technologies and animals, is due out Sepember 2009 from the Ethics/Philosophy Area of Springer Netherlands.The book will include her essay, "Leonardo's choice: the ethics of artists working with genetic technologies" and essays by philosopher Steven Best, literary theorist Susan McHugh, feminist biologist Lynda Birke and a dialogue between Gigliotti and cultural theorist, Steve Baker. This book grew out of the January 2006 special issue of the Springer_Verlag journal AI and Society, "Genetic Technologies and Animals." The essay "Leonardo's Choice:genetic technologies and animals" has been reprinted in Cognition, Communication, and Interaction: Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Interactive Technology. Ed. Satinder P. Gill. Springer-Verlag 2008. Other published essays include: "Sustaining Creativity and the Loss of the Wild" In M. Alexenberg's (ed.) Educating Artists for the Future: Learning at the Intersections of Art, Science, Technology and Culture (2008), Bristol, UK: Intellect Press/Chicago: University of Chicago Press; and Gigliotti, C. (2005) "Artificial Life and the Lives of the Non-human" Parachute 119: 06. A revised version of this essay was published in the Spring 2009 Issue of Antennae: the Journal of Nature in VIsual Culture along with an interview with Gigliotti.

She is also Co-Chair of the Community Engagement Research Cluster for Vancouver's innovative Center for Interactive Research in Sustainability, on the Editorial Board of the online Journal for Critical Animal Studies. She continues to be a doctoral advisor for the CAiiA-Hub in the University of Plymouth, UK, and is on a number of international Advisory boards concerned with either media or animal studies. In the Spring of 2008, she was the Recipient of the John and Betty Gray Residency at The Sitka Center for the Arts.

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